Kids playroom

Our play room ensures that kids and all the young at heart will not lack in in-door games. This provides further bonding and fun for those who come as families or are groups of friends.

Board Room

For groups on retreat, or team building, the board room can cater for 12-14 pax maximum. It is meant for those groups that are small, and provides an intimate and safe space to deliberate on serious matters, while at the coast

Swimming Pool

Our infinity pool is large, providing for both exercise and relaxation. Included is a baby pool, safe for babies and toddlers.

Business Center

While with us, you are able to address urgent official matters in our cozy business center.



Our restaurant serves both local and exotic dishes to meet different tastes. With a barbecue also available, your taste of different grills is only an order away.


Our poolside bar is inviting, with a view to the garden as well. And if it suits you, why not have your favorite cocktail drink right at the pool instead.